Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond has been involved with Fitness and Athletics for most of his life. His passion for sports led him to an endless pursuit on how to best enhance human performance through science and application. That journey led to a continuing education with the National Strength and Conditioning Association in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since 2003 Andre has had the pleasure and opportunity of providing service to such a wide array of clientele, helping each individual achieve their personal goals whether it be ones physique, performance, weight loss, general fitness and health. Put simply, a fitness professionals job is to apply the appropriate training stimulus to achieve ones goals. Through my experience I’ve learned the importance in proper balance between the physical, mental, and emotional elements necessary to increase the quality and duration of your life by boosting performance, productivity, and well being. I strive to maintain a positive attitude and encourage the mental edge necessary for my clients to achieve their desired results. Maintenance outside of the gym and off the field is just as important as dedication with in the facility, that’s why I take the time to educate those I work with on the importance of providing maximum nutritional value and restorative therapies to minimize the effect of training which in the end maximize results. Life requires balance, so let's remain conscious of incorporating these principles into our work. My mission is to empower you! I'm here to upgrade lives, let our journey be the destination.

Website Bio - Meet Andre Drummond, a lifelong devotee to fitness and athletics. Andre's journey, fueled by a passion for sports, has been an unwavering pursuit of optimizing human performance through the marriage of science and practical application.

Since 2003, Andre has had the privilege of serving a diverse clientele, guiding each individual toward their unique goals, whether it's sculpting their physique, enhancing performance, weight loss, or overall fitness and health. For him, a fitness professional's role is to precisely apply the training stimulus needed to achieve these aspirations.

Through his extensive experience, Andre understands the critical balance between physical, mental, and emotional elements that elevate the quality and duration of life. He's a firm believer in fostering a positive mindset, nurturing the mental fortitude essential for clients to reach their desired outcomes.

Andre doesn't stop at the gym or field; he emphasizes the significance of holistic wellness. Education on optimal nutrition and restorative therapies outside the training facility is integral to maximizing results. Life thrives on balance, and Andre ensures these principles are seamlessly woven into his work.

His mission is simple but powerful: empowerment. Andre's here to elevate lives, and he views the journey itself as the ultimate destination. Join him in this transformative odyssey towards a stronger, healthier you.