Elmer Hickman

Personal Training and Life Coaching

Elmer Hickman: Shaping Lives at The Warrior Shift

Meet Elmer Hickman, the driving force behind The Warrior Shift, a renowned personal trainer based in the heart of Miami Beach. His clientele reads like a who's who, including celebrities, high-profile entrepreneurs, Hollywood executives, and professional athletes.

Elmer is celebrated for his multifaceted training techniques, where diversity meets results. His warm and focused personality makes every session a journey of transformation, and his unwavering commitment to the local community shines through.

With a staggering 20+ years of experience, Elmer boasts a wealth of knowledge. He holds Master's Degrees in Educational Leadership, Human Resource Education, Speech Communication, and Special Education. His expertise spans a wide spectrum, from strength training and athletic conditioning to HIIT, accelerated weight loss, and muscle development.

Beyond the physical realm, Elmer is a certified Spiritual and Life Coach. He guides his clients to harness their inner power, unlocking their full potential to lead the life they're destined for. Join Elmer on a journey of self-discovery and transformation at The Warrior Shift.