Jade Brownfield

Meet Jade, a Midwest Indiana native who's lived across the map. Her journey from fashion to wellness is an intriguing one. Years of high heels led to nagging low back pain, prompting her introduction to Pilates and ultimately, to the world of EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation).

For the past seven years, she's been crafting HEAL EMS, a transformative approach. EMS technology stimulates muscle contractions like the brain, activating a remarkable 95% of muscle fibers, far surpassing the brain's capacity. Jade marveled at its versatility, enabling her to address the holistic well-being of individuals, from professional athletes to injured veterans.

HEAL EMS offers a myriad of benefits, including natural regenerative properties like lymphatic drainage, improved blood oxygenation, and skin and muscle tightening. Now based in Miami after years in New York, Jade is thrilled to introduce this technology to the wellness world.

Beyond her work, Jade is a devoted dog mom, an avid knitter, and an outdoor enthusiast. And, of course, she's always up for a hearty plate of pasta.