Joanne Burgess

Joanne Burgess hails from a lineage of accomplished artists, a legacy that inspired her remarkable journey. Despite grappling with dyslexia, she met challenges head-on, displaying resilience that guided her path. Amid her studies as a fashion designer, Joanne's indomitable spirit earned her a degree from "The University of the Creative Arts" in London. Her witty humor, cultivated in the face of dyslexia, became a source of laughter for many.

Joanne's determination knew no bounds. At 22, she invested in her first property, and at 27, she established her own London-based fashion venture. Her designs graced the stages of Paris and London, earning coveted spots in prominent magazines like 'Hello.' Crafting gowns for celebrities showcased her undeniable talent. Upon relocating to Miami, Joanne's sister confronted emotional trauma and depression. Triggered by life's trials, her sister's struggles led to a suicide attempt. Joanne's intervention brought transformative change. By redirecting focus toward positive experiences, they forged a new narrative that shattered old patterns.
Driven by her sister's transformation, Joanne unearthed her mission: to empower lives with purpose and meaning. Discovering NLP, Joanne embarked on a career as a Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. Guiding individuals through their subconscious minds, she utilizes Hypnosis, NLP techniques, and language patterns to dissolve blockages and release unwanted emotions, fostering profound healing.

Joanne's dedication led her to walk barefoot on blazing coals, a testament to the mind's limitless power over the body. Believing in the innate potential within each individual, she empowers others to harness their capabilities and achieve greatness. As a beacon of motivation, Joanne nurtures vibrant health by tending to the mind's well-being, ensuring a harmonious balance that transcends physical vitality. Mission Statement: Joanne is dedicated to revolutionizing individuals' lives by equipping each client with the necessary resources from within. Her goal is to empower them to conquer challenges, eliminate obstacles, and break through blockages that hinder their pursuit of a content and healthy life. Specializing in self discipline, stress, anxiety, fears, trauma, PTSD, self-esteem, and confidence, she addresses issues that may manifest as sleep problems, overeating, smoking, or harmful thought patterns detrimental to well-being. Neglecting these negative patterns can lead to serious health issues. Joanne's role involves aiding the development of positive behavioral patterns, imparting new strategies, and facilitating transformation. By utilizing hypnosis and NLP, she assists in cleansing your mental "hard drive" and updating effective positive thought patterns. This process empowers you to access the brighter facets of your thinking and behavior, enabling a shift towards positivity. Everyone possesses the capacity to enhance their thought processes for improved health; often, they just require the tools and guidance to do so. In the tapestry of humanity, each of us embodies the spirit of a warrior. Yet, it's a disheartening truth that many find themselves locked in battles that lead them down the wrong path. These battles are waged for the confines of their own limitations, the weight of inadequacies, and the emptiness of scarcity. Astonishingly, lives and the very essence of family are staked on the altar of maintaining the status quo.