Kate Langinanuer

With more than a decade of expertise as a certified personal trainer and health coach, Kate is dedicated to transforming lives and assisting clients in thriving.

Born and raised in Helsinki, Finland, Kate brings her international flair and unique perspective to her work. As the second oldest of five children, she learned early on the value of motivation, support, and fostering a positive mindset… and a competitive side that could challenge even the fiercest sibling rivalries.

Kate's journey led her to the USA at the age of 19, driven by her thirst for adventure. She pursued her master's degree in psychology at George Mason University to satisfy her burning curiosity about the human mind, delving into the intricacies of human development and the power of the mind-body connection.
Now armed with a holistic approach to wellness, Kate combines her expertise in personal training and health coaching to empower her clients. She sees the potential and strengths in each individual, guiding them towards their goals with a personalized touch.
Kate is an adventurous soul with a passion for exploring the world and embracing new experiences. Beyond her love for good food and travel, Kate is an adrenaline junkie who thrives on sports that get her heart pumping.

Whether it's carving through fresh powder on a snowboard, battling it out on a tennis court, or indulging in any water-based activity, Kate is in her element.


Master of Arts Psychology — George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Certified Personal Trainer — NASM, AFAA
Certified Health Coach — IIN